DW life talk: Fukushima and the 2020 Olympics

apl. Prof. Dr. Carmen Schmidt


apl. Prof. Dr. Carmen Schmidt is.extraordinary Professor for Political Sociology and Speaker of the Japan Research Center at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Osnabrück University. She has held teaching and research appointments at the Graduate School of Social Sciences of Hitotsubashi University, the Institute of Social Science of Tôkyô University, the Institute for Oriental Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon), the Faculty of Sociology of Chung-Ang University (Seoul), the Summer School of Renmin University (Beijing), the Faculty for International Studies of Bunkyô University, the Faculty of Economics and International Social Sciences of Yokohama National University, the Faculty for European Studies at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and the Graduate School of Languages and Culture/School of Foreign Studies, at Osaka National University.

Research Interests: Transformation of political systems in a comparative perspective, with an emphasis on national and local voting behavior, political leadership, and political institutions, political and social transformation through globalization and post-modernization, Japanese politics and society.

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